Monthly Archives: November 2008


Somehow you have found What is a djembesmith you ask? Well, a djembe (the d is silent)  is a type of drum that is African in origin with deep tones when struck in the center and conga-like tones towards the rim. And, Smith is my last name as well as “one who fashions or creates” i.e.- blacksmith, tinsmith, etc. I’ve been a drummer most of my life and my djembe has become part of my voice. Also, with a name like Jim Smith I just had to think of something more creative. So I have become… Djembesmith.

I’m hoping to pack a lot of diverse things on this site because I have a lot of diverse interests. You can see the categories above, just remember… like in djembe the d is silent. I hope to add several freebies in each category, like homemade photoshop brushes, some recordings I’ve made, plans for building your own African slit drum and so much more!

Keep in mind as you browse the various categories here that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully” made by a glorious Creator. Everything in this world is shouting at us, trying to push us into the sea of mediocrity. I’m finding as I get older that the Heart of God really is Love, and He, above all wants us to “soar on wings of eagles”.