Monthly Archives: May 2009

My 3d rendering so far…

Well, here it is. I won’t say how many hours of work this represents. I will say it’s a lot more complicated than it looks! This first screenshot shows (the way I work for the most part) the desktop divided into 4 screens with a top, front, side and orthographic view. I uploaded the appropriate background photo for each view to properly locate each vertice in space.

the mesh

the mesh

And here is a full screen of the mesh in edit mode showing the vertices and faces…



Evidently there is a name for those of us who get sucked in to the Blender… they call us Blenderheads

A New Time Consumer…

Well, I just found another item to add to the list of time consumers. It’s a neat full-featured 3d rendering program called Blender. What is REALLY neat is the fact that it’s Open Source (i.e. – FREE!). So, I’ve begun the very long process of rendering each of my kids in 3d to build a character base for CGI movies that will bring spiritual reality into physical reality.  I will start to post the progress here, as progress is made. If you’re interested… Get Blender Here.