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KNOW what you believe!

My wife and I just had a long conversation debating core beliefs with some “visitors” from a religious organization. Personally, I love to debate. Primarily because a core belief in your life that has never been tested, probably isn’t very strong and will not pass the “whatever can be shaken, will be” test. It is VERY important that everything you believe in life (the what) has a strong backbone (the why). I’ve found that there are a number of ways we can test ourselves to be sure we are speaking from what we KNOW and not just second-hand ideas and philosophies.

One test is… are we embellishing our points with a lot of words and decorations to create a facade of assurance. If we are really completely convinced of a truth, we will not need to “make it more believable” with our words.

Another test is… Can you remain silent and hear the opposition out? Ignoring the opposition by sticking our fingers in our ears and going “la la la, can’t hear you” is a good indicator of insecurity as well.

Once we are free from becoming offended, we can see clearly to isolate the heart of the disagreement. When the heart is isolated, we can begin to debate the why. Then, as Paul said “…if on some point we think differently, this too He(the Spirit) will show us”. The beauty of the LIVING Word (that implies more than just written concepts on pages) is that it is Spirit and can be activated in us to “guide us in all Truth”.
Well, that’s all for now. There is more bouncing around inside but I have to get to a meeting.

Long time no post!

I have been a busy beaver, though.  One wonderful update… I’ve been accepted in! So, needless to say, it requires a lot to get images ready and uploaded to istock standards. If you’re into photography AT ALL, I highly recommend it. I have learned VOLUMES about digital photography just going through the whole process of getting my photos accepted. Each photo you upload goes through a rigorous critique, and each rejection is a TREMENDOUS learning experience because with each rejection they tell you specifically why and provide a path forward.  See my istock portfolio here. If any of you are interested in joining, please click on the link below (there ARE referral bonuses). I think the real beauty of it is that iStock has a worldwide user base of millions of graphic professionals, all looking for just the right images for their projects. The only work on the providers part is whatever goes into the image creation. From there you just upload it and forget about it. Then it has the potential to make money each time it’s downloaded! It’s kind of like gambling without the risk factor!

They also have sections for audio, video and vector files. I’ve already turned on a friend to the audio end of it. Keep me posted David!

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