Monthly Archives: February 2010

Youtube experiment

Well, I’m experimenting with audio/video and learning the in’s and out’s of youtube. So I posted my first video. The video was taken with my logitech web cam then just posted raw and uncut to youtube. The next phase is to actually mix and cut the audio and video. So this video should be viewed as a kind of “control group” in the experiment, not as a finished product.


Notice the new theme? I must apologize if anyone contracted a virus while visiting It seems my blog was HACKED! I discovered this just after going through a 3 day process to remove a virus from my PC! These two unrelated instances just go to show that there is an all-out assault out there and no one is really safe from confrontation.
Scripture tells us that the enemy comes ONLY to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY. He doesn’t just seek those who are a threat to him. There is no more room for the mind set of “If I leave him alone, he’ll leave me alone”. Pacifism is NOT a scriptural concept. One of the names of YHWH is “Lord of Hosts”, that, my friend, is a warrior title.
So let’s all stand together in the unity of Christ and…
Go! Fight! Win!