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I’m trying to fuse classical painting styles in with modern digital art techniques. This website background is going to be for a new dynamic canvas set for

I created this image by combining many, many layers with a variety of different layer mixing techniques. Each component image represented is from my own photo library, so you won’t find them online anywhere.


I am happy to make available for your downloading pleasure  two Adobe Photoshop brush sets. A lot of time went into these so please, if you end up using them extensively consider donating so I can continue to make more available. Thanks!

Here is a brief explanation on how to plug these brushes into Photoshop once you download them:

1. The brush sets have an extension of .ABR. But they will be downloaded as a .zip file.

2. Unzip or decompress the file and place it in your …/photoshop xx/presets/brushes folder. You should see other files with the .ABR extension.

3. You will see it in your list of brushes in Photoshop, simply select “load brushes” and pick the appropriate title from your list.

That should do it! Enjoy!

Primitive-1 brush set by DjembeSmith

Primitive-1 brush set by DjembeSmith

Download Primitive-1 here.

photo texture brushes by DjembeSmith

photo texture brushes by DjembeSmith

Download Photo Textures here.

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