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Divine Proportions

I’ve been working a lot with divine proportions lately. I have been getting increasing revelation on many things that have been hidden for years. It seems to me that our society here in the west is becoming increasingly more content with ignorance. The mindset seems to be “just give me the technology, entertain me. I don’t care how it works.” Our humanist ideas of Science tries to totally discount the spiritual and convert it to lifeless, powerless systems and formulas. The earliest forms of science had a holistic approach. They knew the spiritual (etheric body) was very real and sought it’s nature AS WELL as the physical aspect. Today, a scientist may find a certain chemical in the brain and come to the conclusion “this chemical is to blame for this condition”. I propose that the reality is “this chemical is produced as a result of a spiritual happening.”

I’m starting to see the return to divine proportions in many disciplines lately. I’ve been trying to incorporate the DP in my website designs as well as researching it’s significance in biology, math, music, and design. Here are a few links to resources… DP in creation, DP in DNA (scroll 1/4 of the way down), DP in Music, DP in Aesthetics. Leonardo Da Vinci’s  “Vitruvian man” is a complete study on divine proportions.

We see the awareness and application of the Divine proportions in most renaissance art.

“Radiant Truth” Theory

I’d like to take this time to introduce you to my radiant truth theory. The simplest way to illustrate the theory would be through a film projector. With a film projector, you have a very small image that is enlarged proportionally on a screen. Likewise, with radiant truth theory (RTT), the size is not as important as the interrelationship of the parts. As illustrated in the Fibonacci spiral, the proportions repeat infinitely in both directions (infinitely small to infinitely large). This is also part of the nature of light. Three photons of light emanating from a single light source can radiate to infinity while still maintaining the exact same proportional relationship to one another that they started with. “So what?” you may be asking. But, when you apply RTT to physical matter, music, color and couple it with the divine proportions, amazing possibilities unfold.

I am presently working on remapping musical pitches according to DNA. Using RTT and the physical, measurable attributes of DNA, I’m augmenting the dimensional relationships found in DNA to the audible spectrum. More on that later.

Blender Update

Well, it’s been a long time since the last blender update and I’m happy to say, my daughter is completely meshed! Now that the mesh is done, I can start adding bones and surface treatments. Eventually I will have a model to begin animating. Here’s a few screen-shots of the progress…

Jessica's shaded head view

the wireframe from the top

wireframe from front

side view of wireframe (with reference photo in back)

Long time no post!

I have been a busy beaver, though.  One wonderful update… I’ve been accepted in istockphoto.com! So, needless to say, it requires a lot to get images ready and uploaded to istock standards. If you’re into photography AT ALL, I highly recommend it. I have learned VOLUMES about digital photography just going through the whole process of getting my photos accepted. Each photo you upload goes through a rigorous critique, and each rejection is a TREMENDOUS learning experience because with each rejection they tell you specifically why and provide a path forward.  See my istock portfolio here. If any of you are interested in joining, please click on the link below (there ARE referral bonuses). I think the real beauty of it is that iStock has a worldwide user base of millions of graphic professionals, all looking for just the right images for their projects. The only work on the providers part is whatever goes into the image creation. From there you just upload it and forget about it. Then it has the potential to make money each time it’s downloaded! It’s kind of like gambling without the risk factor!

They also have sections for audio, video and vector files. I’ve already turned on a friend to the audio end of it. Keep me posted David!

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